Monday, 29 July 2013

"Galactica Battles" is the space arcade game. Travel through the space, shooting enemies and gaining points on the adventure. Be prepared for the final battle and try to keep alive!

Try to eliminate the enemy ship as much as you can to have more health, fire speed and bomb. The more enemies you destroy the more health packs and BOMBS you can collect! Use the awesome BOMB to destroy all enemies on screen!
Jack Panic, Earth’s greatest astronaut and Hero of the people, is called once again to protect Earth. But during this routine mission Jack accidentally damages an alien mother-ship, insults their leader, and is tele-ported to the other side of the galaxy. An exciting “3d shoot-‘em-up” adventure in full 3D and a fully rendered comic book storyline. The math is simple; countless bullets plus alien armada equals galactic havoc! Shoot your way home and give these aliens something to Panic about in this 3d invaders / asteroids style game.The maths is simple; 1-shoot your way home. 2-blast aliens. 3-Get the girl!

What to Expect:

3 alien races, huge boss battles, tones of gunfire, great story, loads of humor, invaders / asteroids style play, amazing 3d graphics, Save scores online with Open feint, top down space shooter and lots more.

Product Features:

Full game for free! Play this exciting, 3D space adventure game on your Android device. Shoot your way through alien attacks to get back to Earth Tilt your device to navigate your spaceship.Destroy enemy ships and other space obstacles with futuristic weapons.Enjoy snappy dialogue and a fully developed comic-book style back-story.Open feint leader boards.

How To Play:

Just touch and drag the player ship in any direction. Avoid hitting the enemies, kill larger enemies to get credits and scores. You have two types of fires to start with. Collect high credits so you can unlock more player ships.


This free game is ads supported. It can contain Admob & "startapp exit ads" & "Interstitial" ads during play. Thanks for your support and good feedback.

Key Word:

Galactica Battles, Arcade Action, airship shooting, battle ship, airship war, space war, laser gun shooter, fighter.

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